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and sustainable plant construction

Honest craftsmanship in family tradition for Europe-wide plant construction at the highest level of performance – this is what we have always stood for, you can rely on it.

Energy efficiency and climate protection since 1951

“How can energy be saved and efficiency increased in plants?” This was Paul Verpoort’s basic question when he founded the “Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftliche Wärmeverwertung (WWV)” in 1951, or in English the “Company for cost-effective heat recovery”. With this mission, he was far ahead of his time. Verpoort’s entrepreneurial guiding principle is also reflected in early patents, for example for steam traps and heating pockets for best possible utilisation of waste heat and steam. At the time he was certainly not aware that one day areas such as pipeline and plant construction would develop from this. Today we are considered a specialist for time-critical projects and sustainable solutions – well thought-through, flexible, safe, durable.

Over decades, we have grown with the increasing demands of our customers, while at the same time maintaining all the advantages of a family-run, medium-sized company. It is part of our self-image that we always give back and contribute our many years of experience in new projects. A partnership-based exchange within the company and with our customers and suppliers is therefore an integral part of our history.

Joint development

The topics of energy and efficiency are still the subject of our daily work today: the conversion of energy plays a decisive role in almost all plants that are planned and built with us. Efficiency is the essential requirement here – in all our activities. This applies regardless of whether it involves planning or installation in pipeline and plant construction or in the electrical and instrumentation sector. After all, it is essential to ensure safety, deliver quality, keep to schedules and meet budgets.

We are proud of the fact that we are always able to seize the opportunity to develop ourselves further together with our customers and business partners. Respectful interaction with one another is a matter of course for us, regardless of origin or gender.

Our aim is to contribute to a future
with a better quality of life
and fewer emissions.

Our philosophy

Our aim is to contribute to a future with a better quality of life and fewer emissions. We take a hands-on approach and act in partnership to help our customers achieve greater sustainability and lasting success through well-planned new plants or conversions and professional maintenance. In detail this means:

We appreciate challenges,
but we also know our limits.
This means our customers always know
where they stand with WWV.

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