For us, it's always

about the big picture

Co-creation means taking responsibility. This is not new to us. “Finding answers together” is therefore a declared part of our mission.

Integrated instead of partial solutions

It is part of our self-image that we look beyond the horizon of our assignments. We always have the overall project in mind. What does the client want to achieve by when and how will that be possible? In doing so, we are often more customer-oriented than the customer himself. Sounds surprising, but that’s the way it is. This is enabled by a unique combination of independence, experience, openness and a constructive-critical approach as well as deep commitment to the factual goals of a project. Because this is the case, we enjoy the trust of our customers’ engineers and project managers, but also of their plant managers, managing directors and board members.

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Technical advice and new challenges

Whether in plant and pipeline construction in general, power plant technology in particular, columns and vessels, furnaces and FCC, trace heating or E&I: it pays off to involve WWV right from the planning phase of projects. When more and more expertise is lost due to demographic change and outsourcing, we are there to provide valuable technical advice and support. For common goals, we share our experience unconditionally with our clients. Our technical offerings can be groundbreaking. And we are always on the lookout for new challenges. Fuel cells, geothermal energy, hydrogen … just ask us!

Welding technology

One of our specialties is welding technology. Titanium, X20, high-alloy and duplex steels – we have a plan and the technical expertise to successfully handle almost all materials. Pioneering achievements such as welded joints for P91 in the power plant sector go back to WWV. We assess the specific material parameters for our customers and work out detailed heat treatment plans. We know what has to be taken into account when working on existing structures. For special challenges such as mirror welding in confined spaces, we send hand-picked specialists. Under the direction of a welding engineer, construction supervision is carried out by qualified and experienced welding specialists without exception.


Sometimes a bull has to go through the eye of a needle without acting as if he was in a china shop. This is where we are only too happy to come in. Whether large or small, 50 kilograms or 200 tons, we are aware of the importance of the intelligent and flawless installation of each piece of equipment for the overall design of a facility. When things get difficult, our employees have ideas, and this not only on the screen, but especially on site in the plant. It is the growing experience from the assembly and installation of countless aggregates, fittings, apparatus, containers, heating circuits, columns, pipes, furnaces and distributors that constantly expands our repertoire of problem solutions.

Words and deeds

In the project business, it is important to react very quickly and flexibly to new requirements. And that’s exactly what our teams do. Because they can and because they are allowed to. We didn’t have to wait for lean management, agile project management or even New Work. Personal responsibility, flat hierarchies, short paths, quick decisions – we’ve been living all this for decades. This helps, no matter whether a tricky repair job has to be organised overnight or a well-planned plant shutdown with several hundred employees.

Efficient, future-oriented and the complete picture in mind.

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