Sustainable quality and

no compromise on safety

Unsafe behaviour causes dangerous situations and still causes most accidents in industry. This is where we start at every moment of our work, because a single second, a wrong action or reaction can make all the difference.

Safety with a system and intercultural competence

Our goals are zero accidents, no injuries, no health hazards, no dangerous situations, no environmental or property damage, and good housekeeping at all times. We can only achieve this goal with strong communication skills, through correct behaviour based on professional work processes and systems. And in today’s international plant engineering industry, it is important to respond to different cultures in as many native languages as possible.

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Occupational safety in professional structures

No matter whether it is about colleagues, customers, partner companies or yourself – we would like to spare employees of WWV Wärmeverwertung this sentence at all costs: “If only I had said something in time. If only I had found the right words at the right moment, this would not have happened”. This is why for us occupational safety begins inside the head under the helmet, with the eyes behind the safety goggles, with the ears under the hearing protection, with the mouth behind the breathing mask, with the hands in the protective gloves and with the feet in the ankle-high safety boots.

Avoiding accidents and dangerous situations

We distinguish between conscious and unconscious misconduct. Both can be avoided if one is continuously involved in “in a dialogue on safety”. Safe leadership at WWV is characterised by supervisors and colleagues setting a good example and acting appropriately: observing, intervening, communicating, encouraging and also sanctioning. We counter unconscious misconduct by exchanging experiences, providing information, training, demonstrations, and exercises.    

Safety as standard

It goes without saying that our safety culture is embedded in professional structures, processes and systems. We are also pioneers in this area. WWV Wärmeverwertung was the first SCC** certified company in Germany. WWV has been SCC-P certified since 2012. Work according to DIN ISO-9001 and DIN ISO-14001 is a matter of course for us.

We are in a dialogue in safety!

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