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Plant Catalyst Line 3 at Industriepark Höchst

Period: June 2021 – September 2022

Forging new bonds

With the award of the E&I installation contract for the “Catalyst Line 3” plant, WWV’s E&I staff had the opportunity to work for LyondellBasell for the first time. The outsourcing of the planning to a country with deviating norms and standards offered WWV the opportunity to demonstrate its technical competence and commitment. In close cooperation with LyondellBasell, we have succeeded more than once in implementing spontaneous and often very urgent conversion measures and planning changes in a professional manner.

WWV, Projekt, Industriepark Hoechst

WWV’s concept for success is based on gaining and maintaining a lasting partnership with the client, even beyond the duration of a project. For this reason, customer satisfaction, resulting from the outstanding professional competence and flexibility of our numerous employees, has top priority for WWV. The fact that we have always succeeded in this endeavour over the past few years is reflected in the recurring follow-up orders from the customers we have won.

(Source images: Industriepark Höchst)

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