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Recycling technology at the Schwechat refinery

Period: 2021 – 2024

Recycling technology for used plastics

OMV, based in Vienna, is pushing ahead with the ReOil technology it has developed and patented. ReOil is a chemical recycling innovation that converts mechanically non-recyclable plastic waste into pyrolysis oil. The pilot plant presented in the video was put into operation back in 2018. This plant can produce 100 liters of synthetic crude oil per hour from 100 kilograms of plastic waste. According to OMV, the production of ReOil causes 45% less CO2 emissions compared to fossil crude oil.

Holistic concept

With the second, significantly larger recycling plant, OMV is expanding its commitment to the circular economy. The new plant will already process 2.000 kilograms of plastic per hour and is designed for a capacity of 16.000 tons per year. In the next expansion stage, a plant with an annual capacity of 200.000 tons is planned. Chemical recycling requires a holistic approach that begins with the collection and sorting of plastics. To this end, OMV is investing in a unique sorting plant on a large industrial scale together with plant manufacturer Interzero. In future, raw materials for up to 260.000 tons of mixed used plastics per year will be sorted at the Walddürn site in southern Germany in order to supply OMV’s ReOil plants and enable the thermal recycling of plastic waste.

Plastics recycling and heat recovery

WWV is the technical partner responsible for piping construction and heat tracing in the construction of the current plant. WWV is thus also contributing to the long-term sustainable operation of the recycling plant, as the steam that is already available is used instead of electricity for the essential heating of 10.500 meters of product piping. Our name says it all, because this is optimal heat recovery!

WWV Wärmeverwertung ReOil Grafik DE OMV ReOil

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