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Ruhr Oel

HC20 Turnaround

Period: November 2019 – November 2020

Joining forces

For the successful implementation of the maintenance and conversion work planned for this shutdown, specialists from our departments for Revisions & Turnarounds, Plant & Piping Construction, Heat Tracing, Columns & vessels as well as FCC & Furnaces were deployed. Substantial components for the replacement of the radiation zone of two furnaces were prefabricated at the prefabrication plant in Recklinghausen and transferred to the refinery with the aid of specially organised heavy transports. At peak times, almost 500 employees were on site during the shutdown to carry out mechanical work and pipeline construction for the Claus 4, waste water stripper, A 8, vacuum 3 plants as well as installations and repair work on columns in addition to the assembly of the furnaces.

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Stop & Go

The preparatory work started a year earlier and was unexpectedly interrupted in spring by the Corona pandemic. The decision to postpone the project to late autumn, which was taken at short notice, placed maximum demands on the flexibility of the organisation and personnel planning. The time gained for preparation proved to be very important in order to be able to carry out the project safely under pandemic conditions. A hygiene concept implemented in close cooperation with the customer ensured reliable and safe working conditions from onboarding to departure thanks to our well-rehearsed project management and safety teams.

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